Game Winning Drive – 1985 Update 1

I made a previous post related to Downey Games’ Game Winning Drive and wanted to give an update on things.

Through four weeks of the 1985 NFL season, teams are averaging 20.6 points per game – a bit under the 21.5 that happened historically.

AFC Central: The Steelers and Browns are each 3-1, with Pittsburgh having the advantage of having taken a head-to-head game.
AFC East: The Jets are a perfect 4-0 with the Dolphins behind them at 3-1. The Patriots – losers of the Super Bowl that season – are off to a 1-3 start.
AFC West: The Seahawks are also 4-0, while the Broncos and Raiders are 3-1.

NFC Central: The Bears and Lions are each 4-0. They don’t meet until week 10.
NFC East: The Giants are 3-1 while the Washington football club and Cowboys are each 2-2.
NFC West: The 49ers lead with a 3-1 mark and the Rams are 2-2.

No sense in trying to figure out the Wild Card teams with this mess. In the AFC there are four non-division-leading teams who are 3-1 while in the NFC, the #2 Wild Card could go to one of five 2-2 teams. That’s a lot of calculating.

I’ll try to bring another update here when we get to the half-way point.

As for my feel of the game? On the positive side, you can get a game set up and played in 10-15 minutes, easy. But on the negative side, I find myself missing some details of a game, such as the scoring plays and some basic statistics.

I don’t imagine it would be too hard to come up with charts you could use to add those in, but then your game would maybe take more like 20-30 minutes and I’d feel the urge to start tracking stats, which would add even more time.

So maybe it’s best to just leave well enough alone!


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